The United States of America, the so-called, ‘Land of the Free’. The idea of America being ‘great’ is nothing more than a facade, in reality, it is a dystopia. The country which proclaims to be better than the rest, in actuality, has a tremendous amount of catching up to do. We are fed this idea of the US via Hollywood and other forms of entertainment which construct this benevolent and exceptionalist image of America as the ‘Land of the Free’ where ‘Liberty’ and the ‘American Dream’ resides. The concept of the ‘American Dream’ is the myth of meritocracy. A myth…

Hollywood, video games, even music, are used to propagate a doctrine that favours US domination.

Propaganda is something we in the West often associate with Nazi Germany and the likes of Joseph Goebbels or even that of the Soviet Union — often incorrectly equating the USSR to the Nazi regime in the process. But, what if I were to tell you we currently live in a far more propagandized world, one that even the notorious propagandist Goebbels would not have been able to fathom. Well, this is the predicament we find ourselves in.

Propaganda is disseminated via a myriad of mediums, be it entertainment (cinema, TV, video games, and even music) to academia, journalism, and…

From corporate owners to self-censorship, the press does not operate freely but rather propagates the interests of the ruling class

Terms such as “post-truth” have been thrown around recently as have other phrases like “fake news” which give the impression that these issues are a recent phenomenon. This could not be further from the truth. Our “free” press has never been so; the opinions that dominate the airways are entirely subjective, censored, and manipulated by a moneyed and political class.

The Lie of Objectivity

A term I am more than certain you have all heard of is objectivity. It is a phrase media outlets love to proclaim. “We are objective in our reporting and hold no biases”. But this professed objectivity is tremendously misleading…

How the UK forced out Chagossians, took over, and leased their prize to the US

While decolonisation was occurring in the post-WW2 world this zeitgeist did not apply to the Chagossians who in 1968 saw their homes and land occupied by the British, at the request of the US, and the forming of a new territory (which is doublespeak for colony) with the islanders, forcibly expelled to make way for a US military base on the largest island, Diego Garcia. The British presence on the Chagos Islands has since been referred to by the UN as an “unlawful occupation” seeing the UK’s request at retaining their “main strategic asset in the Indian Ocean” rejected. …

How Marx predicted that alienation and depression would be rampant under capitalism

Depression within our society is widespread, in the United States for example, “diagnoses of major depression have risen dramatically by 33 percent since 2013”. Throughout the globe, the level of depression has also seen a rise of 18.4% between 2005 and 2015, with the pandemic evidently making things much worse.

On top of that, job satisfaction is also at all-time lows with more than half the American workforce feeling unhappy in their employment, citing feeling unfulfilled and not being paid what they are worth (which is a crucial part of Marx’s analysis).

People like the late David Graeber have also…

If the U.S. were another country the military would have invaded by now

The United States, as we all know, has had quite a tumultuous couple of years. But it does not appear to be getting any better, in many ways, it is actually getting worse.

Joe Biden is President and Liberals are over the moon, yet the material conditions for the majority of the population have not improved like Biden stated they would during his campaign — remember those $2,000 checks? But Biden will happily approve an $85 million Raytheon weapons deal for Chile. While Biden’s Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, is a former Raytheon board member and is believed to own…

A glimpse of Australia’s genocide against the region’s indigenous population.

The story of the Stolen Generation is one of hardship, trauma, forced displacement, ethnic and cultural cleansing. And has left generations of Australian Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders cut off from their history and culture.

The Stolen Generation describes a period between 1905 to 1970 where Australian Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders children were removed from their families by the Australian federal and state government — in efforts to assimilate these groups into white society as a way to ‘improve’ them. …

The U.S. is the largest state sponsor of terrorism

The United States has engaged in various conflicts portraying the “enemy” to be savage, brutish, and not caring for humanity. While depicting themselves as the defenders of freedom, liberty, and all that is good in the world. But in many cases, this narrative that Washington spins is only to ensure public and political support for the overthrowing of regimes which they are not fond of.

Take the Gulf War as an example. The propaganda that the American public was bombarded by was to magnitude unseen before, with media censorship reigning supreme as the military was trying to overcome the issues…

Private capital did not make the technology in your iPhone, your money did.

In an age of neo-liberalism, where we are told that innovation only occurs because a brave capitalist takes a dive into the abyss and emerges with new technologies and that this is the only way in which innovation happens, is broadcasted as truth. We have forgotten that most of the technologies, we take for granted, such as all those that reside within that little device in your pocket — GPS, internet, battery, voice recognition, touchscreen— was engineered by individuals on a government payroll.

I know it is hard to believe, as we have been bombarded daily with market-driven propaganda that…

The Black Belt Republic and the Soviet Unions’ plan for racial egalitarianism in the U.S.

The battle between Communism and Capitalism led to many crazy endeavours, be it Reagan’s “Star Wars Program” — that aimed to use lasers shot from outer space as a missile defence system — or the psychochemical warfare overlapping with mind-control research, giving rise to projects like MK Ultra. It is safe to say that the Cold War was a pretty crazy time with Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) appearing to be sensible diplomacy.

However, prior to the Cold War, with the Soviet Union still in its infancy, Communists were seeking political agitation all over the globe, in hopes of what Vladimir…

Tarik Ata

History with Politics graduate, currently doing an MA in Global History. Freelance Writer. I have a wide array of interests far too many for this bio.

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